Monday, November 17, 2014

Second fiddle

Last night we had the great joy of attending a concert at our church.

The concert was performed by four amazing musicians.  It was a glorious two hours.

One of the artists was Phil Keaggy, the world renown guitarist.

As I listened and watched I realized that all of them, all four of them were world class musicians.  A flutist, a violist, a pianist and singer, and Phil.  All of them could have been the featured artist in any concert and so I watched the three who supported Phil.  Each serving, supporting, a part of a team of artists making the music wonderful, but something was happening that most did not see....there was a humbling of personal pride to achieve the glory of another.  

Each of these artists had to humble themselves and take the role of "second fiddle" to make all of this work.  It was a collaboration of each to put pride aside.  They all did it well, but it demanded humility among them all for it to work.

This is our situation in the Kingdom of God.  We are part of an orchestra whose sole purpose is support for the featured artist, Jesus Christ.  Our role is to humble ourselves, play our instruments, use our gifts in such a way that the featured artist is applauded and all praise goes to him.

It demands a humbling of pride, a setting aside of our desire to be acknowledged, to be applauded and a deference to the star of the show, Jesus, the KING.  

As I watched the artists in the shadows last night I thought how wonderful it was that beautiful music was happening as they each humbled themselves and their gifts for the glory of another.  It was fascinating for me to watch and imagine their hearts as they used their own great gifts for the glory and applause of someone else.

What a lesson!  As part of a grand orchestra of saints from all history I get to play "second fiddle" so the star of the show looks wonderful and is applauded by all.  I am doing my very best when I am not noticed at all. And, as he is applauded I find joy because the whole show is about him!  

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Unknown said...

Boy that pride sure sneaks up and grabs me sometimes! Thanks for this reminder Mike.