Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thoughts after an election

The big issue for me has never been about who is ruling in Washington.  Whether Republican, Democrat or any other party they are all fallen men and women who will make both good and bad choices.

The big issue for me has always been about who is ruling in heaven.  If that position is filled by the right one then whoever rules on earth is of little consequence to me.  

In America we have the strange idea that if we get the right party, the right person in office everything will be sorted out, but it's not ever going to happen.  It can't.  In the world we live in fallen men will never meet our expectations or our needs.  They can't.

So many look to the wrong seat of power for assurance that all will be well.  In this world wicked men rule, but in heaven a good king is in charge of everything and he is the one who will make all things right.  Whoever rules in Washington makes no difference to me.  My eyes are on the one who will rule well and forever and his seat of power is never up for a vote.

I look forward to the day when he rules here as Lord of heaven AND earth.  I look forward to the day when Christians no longer depend on Washington for their solutions, but on God who rules everything well.


Anonymous said...

Whoever rules in Washington should be important but not the most important, otherwise there is no need to vote.

Mike Messerli said...

Earl, thanks for the comment. We, as Americans, have a rare privilege in human history of being part of the process of government. It's a rare privilege indeed, isn't it?