Sunday, October 12, 2014

The last day

by Mike Messerli

Come, come, it's beginning
Hurry, everyone will be there
We can't be late
I'm so excited

But wait, have you trusted Christ?
Have you asked him to save you?
Have you accepted his sacrifice for your sins?

If you have you will never regret it
If you haven't you will always regret it

Come, come, we must be going
It's almost here
Everyone will be there
I've waited all my life for this day
Hurry, it's almost time

Where are we going, you ask?
To the great gathering
The day of the king's coronation
Everyone will be there
Everyone must be there

As we near the gathering the excitement grows
There are people coming from every direction
As far as you can see are people of 
every race, every color, every generation

There are billions upon billions here
Many with smiles and laughter, 
excited for the day
Many more with fear, dread, 
wishing they didn't have to be here
But everyone must attend

In the center of our gathering is a platform lifted up
And on that platform someone is seated on a beautiful throne
He is more brilliant than eye could look at
while angels hover over him and cry "Holy"

But there is another throne yet to be occupied
We have all gathered for the events about to unfold

As I look across the masses 
I realize there were angels here as well
As many as the men who have gathered
They stood out because of 
their clothing, their brightness, their beauty

And as I looked I saw other beings I've never seen
Shadow angels is all I have words to use
They don't look happy to be there
I'm sure they wish they weren't

And then I see him
I'm surprised, but in the crowd, in our midst
standing with the rest of us is Lucifer
No one stands close to him, but he is here,
a defeated foe

And then a voice speaks, as if from everywhere
"Welcome to the coronation of the king.
You are all here to witness the glory and honor
of the Father given to his son, Jesus"

And when the voice spoke that word, "Jesus"
Everyone bowed. Everyone. Even Lucifer
Every person bowed and kneeled
Every person, every angel, every demon, even Lucifer

And everyone, as if directed by an invisible choir
director, declared together, on their knees,
"Jesus Christ is Lord"
And the Father was glorified

As I looked around I saw many smiling, 
glad to voice their faith
I saw others with their heads bowed, 
reluctantly surrendering

I saw the angels rejoicing, 
Lucifer cringing
But everyone bowed
and everyone declared
that Jesus Christ is Lord.


And then I realize, to my surprise, 
that others had gathered behind us
Animals of every kind, mammals, reptiles, 
birds and more than I could see
Now it seemed to me that all of creation 
stood together for this final moment

And then it happens, I had read about it many times, 
but never imagined it would be so glorious, so wonderful

A trumpet sounded. It was so loud I wanted to cover my ears,
but so beautiful I didn't dare

And then, as if on cue, every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and on the sea and all things in them I heard saying,

"To Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever."

And then King Jesus sat on his throne.

The crowds shouted with joy,
but some cried and trembled
I was so excited I couldn't contain myself
It was if my champion had finally won
And every wound, every scar, every pain
had simply been wiped away

King Jesus had taken the throne
The battle was over
The pain is done, there will be no more tears
No more sorrow,

The first things are over, The last day has happened
Eternity begins with King Jesus on the throne.

Come, come,
he invites us all to be part of that great day
Because one day we will all get to witness the
Coronation of the King.

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