Friday, October 31, 2014

God is amazing!

This afternoon my wife and I had some time for a walk in the park.  It was a perfect fall day in Texas so a walk in God's creation is a great way to "reboot" after a hectic week.  

As I look around me I've noticed something....the world we live in is beautiful and quite intricate.  The beauty and design around us screams that God exists.  And this God who exists made everything you see and made it in fine and beautiful detail.  When I see a duck like this I have to respond, "God, you are amazing!"  The beauty, the detail, the variety shouts there is a God.

One of the great themes of the book of Ezekiel is "They will know that I am Lord."  It's a phrase repeated more than 60 times in this book.  God will be known, he will be acknowledged and he will be worshipped.  The only way you could ever declare "there is no God" is to close your eyes and deny everything you know.

God, you are amazing and your work is beautiful.  Well done God!  

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