Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A prayer in the morning

Good morning Father,
It's a beautiful day today.
Thank you for making it.
Thank you for letting me experience it.
Thank you for the eyes to see all you have made,
for the ears to hear the birds,
for the smells of the fall day.
Thank you that all your work is a work of love.
The colors, the sounds, the smells all tell me
something about you.
You are an artist!
I really like your work.
I love the colors of the morning sun.
I love the praise of the birds and their songs to you.
I wish I knew what they were saying,
but it's enough to know they sing to you.
This morning I want to sing to you as well.
You are amazing!
Your kindness, your patience, your goodness are all
shown in what you have made.
Each morning we see your mercy brand new.
Thank you for being God.
Thank you for caring about me.
Thank you for making me your child.
I look forward to the day when I see you face to face,
but until that day I see you each day in your grace 
and mercy all around me.
Today, let me be a vessel of your love to those who need it.
Today, let me give grace to those who don't know you.
Today, as you rule in the world around me....rule in me.

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