Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Children of promise

"And you, brethren, like Isaac, are children of promise."

These words come from a treatise Paul makes to the Galatian Christians.  "Children of promise" stopped me and I began to reflect on the story of God and his promises to his people.  The words have dynamic and ongoing meaning for those who are described by this phrase, "children of promise."  

The promise goes all the way back to God's relationship with one man, Abraham, his friend.  God looked for a man who would walk with him and one through whom he could begin to unfold his grand plan.  

Abraham was that man.  In a unilateral covenant with Abraham God promised that "in him all the nations would be blessed."  In this man, who trusted God, the promise began to unfold.

What are the terms of the promise?  What are the benefits of this contract God made with this man thousands of years ago?  As I thought about the story of God I began to unpack the elements of this promise and have listed a few of them below.  This is, by no means, comprehensive, but it's a start.  I have intentionally not included scripture so you will begin the dig into the treasures of what it means to be "children of promise" for yourself. 

Children of promise include anyone who has trusted Christ as savior.  I won't deal with the theological details of that, but will mention the only qualifier for this exclusive club:  If you have trusted Christ you are a child of the promise.

Children of promise have, as part of that promise,

-a relationship with God
-by faith alone we have all God offers
-are made children of God, adopted by the creator himself!
-have eternal life and will be with God forever!
-they are eternally loved by God, really loved!
-Children of the promise will never see death (the final death)
-all their sins, past present and future are completely, totally, eternally forgiven
-they are made perfect and are becoming like Christ
-they call God "Daddy, Father, Pappa".  They have a relationship with their creator!
-they have peace, real peace
-they have life, real life
-God watches over them....ALL the time!
-they are indwelt, for all eternity, by the Spirit of God and can never lose that
-they are completely accepted by God.  He really likes his children of promise
-they can approach God, the eternal God, anytime they want and talk to him, ask anything
-they have hope!  For them this life is not the end, when it's over it really only just begun
-they are secure
-they have a real joy available that will never end
-they will never be alone, NEVER!
-they are now and forever children of God!

My mind races on with the list that begins to cascade in my thoughts. Beyond these few are a hundred other things that are only the beginning of this promise, but I'm sure by now you see how amazing these promises are for us.  We are children of promise and we don't yet know all that means but it is wonderful.  

Today, as you live in the world of broken, wounded, fallen things remember....you are a child of promise and God wants everyone to be part of this promise.  Take time to discover what is wrapped in this wonder gift called the promise and you will bubble up with excitement at the amazing and wonderful love of God provided for anyone who will trust him, who will believe his promise.

Today, celebrate being a child of the promise.

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