Monday, October 20, 2014

A good God

A friend posted this photo on Facebook this morning. It's a slogan I've heard many times.  I'm sure you have as well.  We all "know" it's true, but if we are honest we would admit that sometimes it doesn't feel like this is true for us.  If we were honest we might rewrite it, "God is good all the time...but sometimes it doesn't feel like it."

Truth and reality are often in conflict in a fallen world.  What we know and what we experience are often in conflict as well. If we were able to be really honest, Job...would say, "I know God is good, but...."  So what is the good we are talking about?  What does it mean that God is good?  

Does it mean that things always go my way, work out for me, that I am always healthy, always happy, always have all I need?  Are my circumstances the good we are to focus on? What does it really mean when we say that God is good?

If we don't define that simple idea we will find ourselves disappointed, bitter or worse....we will give up on this faith walk with God.  The truth is that "God is good" is not at all about my circumstances, but is all about his nature and his character.  Because he is good even my difficult days are a blessing because a good God is in charge of my life. Because he is good I can endure financial troubles.  Because he is good cancer can be part of his kind work in my life.

When I make his goodness about my circumstances I will quickly become disillusioned....but when I make his goodness about his nature and how he deals with me then even bad day, difficult problems and health issues change because a good God rules my life.  

Is God good all the time?  YES!  And even when life isn't so good, wonderful, sweet, loving and good God is working through it all for my good and his glory.

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