Friday, October 10, 2014

Fearing the right things

There is a quote, I've heard it many times, but in these days it's more appropriate than ever before.  Here is my paraphrase of it- 

The man who fears God fears little else.

As I read the morning news it's clear that fear is the driving emotion of nearly every article.  Fear of Ebola, fear of ISIS, fear of financial collapse.  Fears abound and if you aren't careful they will overwhelm your soul and steal your peace.  You need only fear one thing- God. The rest is in his hands and what's the worst that can happen?  You lose your life and enter eternity.  

Even the worst thing we can imagine isn't so bad when God is in charge.  Fear God, worship him madly, live with a smile, hug, care for and listen to people. Eternity is ahead and if you know God it's all good from here.

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