Thursday, May 16, 2013

Passion, purpose and possessions

My wife just finished a book for her discipleship group, "Kisses for Kate".  We talked about it last night.  It's the story of a young woman who had a passion for giving everything up to serve God in Africa and trusting him while doing it.  It is an inspiring story and quite amazing.

The topic for us last night was this-  What is our passion?  Have we lost it?  What drives us?  What are we to be about? AND,  what are we willing to give up to do it?

Kate's story is one of giving up everything to serve God.  To be honest I haven't done that.  I have a lot of "stuff".  I know possessions are not really the issue, but rather our grasp of them is.  So for us the whole discussion came down to this- what has God called us to do and what will we give up to do it?

We are still working on this.  The discussion is not over yet.  I think we are both at a place in our lives where possessions have become more of a burden than a blessing.  We are both wanting to rediscover what God has put us here for....our passion, vision, purpose and the role of possessions in it all.

I'm not sure where this will all end.  We may sell everything, get an apartment and see what God does.  All of that is up in the air.  What we both want is what God wants....whatever the cost.....what an exciting place to be......


Mike McM said...

It sounds like God has already acomplished His pourpose in you. Things are not your goal, people are not your goal, knowledge of God's will is your goal. Well done good and faithful servant!

Anonymous said...

I do love that God keeps bringing models, conversations and reduced grasp into my life as well. I too have no idea where that will lead. But I'm enjoying that freedom is increasing in this area of my life. Glad to be on the journey with you. :)