Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Early morning thoughts

This morning I woke hours before the alarm.  There are days I know it's time to get up....there are things to do...and there are mornings I wish I could sleep for a few moments more.  This morning I awake with eyes wide open.  It's time to go!  I love these early hours of dark and silence...these moments when I can read, think, sit in silence.  There is so little silence in my life these moments are precious.  

As I write this I'm at Starbucks before a meeting in 15 minutes.  I'm had time to read, drink some coffee, think a bit and pray.  In my reading I finished the book of Daniel with chapter 12.  

The book of Daniel is an amazing book!  Thousands of years ago Daniel was told by an angel the complete history of the human race to the very end.  All of that is in chapter 11.  In that one chapter, more than a hundred times, the word "will" is used.  It's a chapter that unfolds the future history of humanity to the end of days.  None of it has "maybe" or "might" in it.  It's full of just one word- will.  This will happen, then that will happen.  I am amazed and comforted by that chapter....amazed at the future history rolled out, comforted by the sovereignty of God.

When I look around there are days I panic just a bit.  It seems things are spinning out of control, but when I read Daniel 11 I'm reminded things are never out of control.  God is always, totally in control of the governments, the leaders, the events and the times I live in.  My response?  Trust.  Rest in his peace.  Be about the task he's given me.  

We are each living just when and where he wanted us to for the glory of God.  Do you realize you were born at just the right time, in the right place to accomplish God's will in your days?  We are each part of God's sovereign plans for the end of days.  I am humbled by that and pray I am available for his use today.

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