Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunday morning in Kenya

It's Sunday morning in Kenya.  This morning we scatter to different churches to speak.  Some of our team have never done this before, so it will be an exciting day.  I will have photos as soon as I can for you, but we just got in a night ago and used the time to catch up on sleep.  Moving 9 hours ahead in time is more difficult as I get older, but a good night sleep and I'm ready to go.

One of the things we learned, as we talked to the pastor coordinating our day today, is that most of the churches have very few men.  The men, like in Russia, have "checked out" and chosen alcohol instead.  I wonder how often this happens in a culture.  I'm sure, if you take the men out of the church you take away its life, ultimately killing it.  Women are so wonderful to respond to faith, but what happens to the men?  (Forgive me, I'm just thinking out loud.)  I think this is something I will need to work on some more....

I'll post again when I have some photos.

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