Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Here we come...ready or not!

Tomorrow we are on a plane for Kenya.  We leave at noon, but won't arrive in Nairobi until Friday evening.  But it will be worth it!  

We are traveling to spend a week with 50 pastors we have been discipling for three years now.  Next week we begin our third year together.  These are such wonderful men and women it will be sheer joy to see them and spend time with them once more.

As I think about each face I long to see them once more and spend time with them.  I think of Francis, and Martin, Winstone and Grace.  They are all such a blessing it will be great to be with them once more....I know I've said that.  Ok, let me move on....

The week ahead will be about the faith of Islam.  Our goal is to help these pastors understand another faith that is alive all around them.  I think, for many of them, there is some fear and distance between them and the Muslims in their area.  I hope we can help them understand this different faith and reach out with the love of Christ to their Muslim neighbors.

As we have prepared for this I realize how unconnected I am to the Muslim in my world.  To be honest I don't look for those opportunities as I could.  Most of them are truth seekers, just as I am, and there would be great common ground for friendship, but I haven't pursued it as I I should.

It's funny that when I prepare to teach someone else I find I usually get more out of it than those I teach.  It may be that I'm just a poor teacher, but I think it's honestly about the work of the word and the Spirit as I the preparation I am changed as well.

So today....pack. day!  Ready or not, here we come.

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