Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rejoice, be glad!

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

—Psalm 118:24

I just read this verse for the second time this morning.  Once in a devotional and again in an e-mail.  To be honest, I should read it or say it each day as I begin.  I forget to rejoice, I forget to be glad. I should be glad, I should rejoice...not because of the circumstances I go through, but because of who is in charge of my days.  I know, from so many years of walking with God, that he is in charge of every breath, every moment of my life, but I too easily forget and worry, fret or panic over some little thing that happens.  In less than a day I will forget the things that had me worried today.  I can see why God makes us take a break to sleep each night.  If we didn't, we would go insane with the realities of the world we can't control.  But someone is in control and he loves us.  It's a good day because God made it.  Be happy, don't worry.  I think the great theologian, Bobby McFerrin, said that as well.  In fact, I think I'll take a break and listen to his great hymn of trust in God, "Don't worry, be happy!"  Have a great day.

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Unknown said...


Thanks for your posts. I can relate so well to your blogs of late...especially this post. I tend to worry, get anxious and down alot (just call me Eeyore!) instead of rejoicing and being glad of the blessings God has given me. Your posts always put things in perspective for me!