Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big footprints, a big life

Early this morning one of the great men of my life passed away, Howard Hendricks. Most knew him as "Howie" or "Prof". All of us who were influenced by his life and words loved him.  For me, the relationship with Howard Hendricks began when I went to Crusade staff training in Arrowhead Springs the summer of 1971.  Howie was our teacher for the evening sessions in the outdoor theater.  As a young 20 year old student among 1,500 others training to be part of Campus Crusade for Christ staff it was a magical summer.  I can still see Howie on the stage each evening as he taught us.  I knew he had to be 6'3" tall!   He wasn't, but the image in my head even today is of a man larger than life. He was.

His messages on cassette tape were part of my regular diet as a growing Christian.  I know he told the stories over and over again, but I never tired of them or his sense of humor.  A few years ago my wife and I went to a conference he hosted with Chip Ingram.  It was great to see him and visit with him again.  He was warm and engaging with everyone, but we each felt special.

Great men of God are rare in our world.  Howie was one of them.  He was one of the men who influenced my life and I'm grateful for his influence and impact on my walk with God.  

Thank you, Prof, for being part of so many lives as you served God.  I think you will be surprised one day to see how many lives were changed because you were faithful.  Thank you.

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