Sunday, February 17, 2013

Relax, enjoy your life....

While walking in Balboa park yesterday we came across this booth.  I had to take a photo.  I wish I had time to visit with those in the booth, but we only had an hour to see the park.

I was humored by their banner...

Hell does not exist
or heaven either
enjoy your life.

To be honest my first thoughts when I saw the banner...if there is no life after this what is there to enjoy here?  How could I possibly relax if this is all there is to my existence?  Relax?  Enjoy my life?  All without a hope, without eternity?  Absurd!

The other thing that came to my thoughts do they know there is no hell, no heaven, no eternity ahead?  How do they know that?  What an arrogant claim...the claim that they know about the unknowable.  It's a claim no one can make with knowledge, except for one person...Jesus himself...who knew about what happens after death, who knew about heaven and hell.  No one else knows the certainty of the afterlife but the one who experienced it and came back to tell us about it.

The absurdity of these claims is missed by even those who make them.  How could they know?  They don't!  And yet they make dogmatic claims that are baseless in truth and absurd at best.

I would rather put my faith in someone who really does know about eternal things....the one who made eternity, and told us about what's on the other side of death, God himself.  He's the only one who knows for sure what follows this life.  I think I'll take his word for what's next.  He is much more "in the know" than these atheists in Balboa park on a Saturday afternoon.


Mike Messerli said...

And, if there is no God you are alone, utterly and hopelessly alone. But I'm so glad God is alive and well, ruling over the affairs of men. Because he lives I am never alone!

Anonymous said...

Are you retarded? Did you recall what you wrote at the beginning of your post? "I was humored"... that was the point! The point of the banner was humor! None of us actually make the claim that heaven or hell doesn't exist, the banner is just worded like that for humor... and it worked (even on you!). Most of us at the booth would actually say heaven or hell probably doesn't exist. And your comment about you're alone if there is no God is just sad and pathetic on your part. Alone??? Look around you! Unless you, of course, are alone...