Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Thoughts today

Hopefully this will not be profound or amazing.  I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts as the day  moves quickly ahead.  Lately I have been thinking about my place in the kingdom.  God as placed me in this body, in this place, in this time and given me gifts and passions to use for him.  I know I will never be famous or applauded. I'm really good with that.  The applause of men has never excited me.  And, to be honest, I will find I have lived a life insignificant to most in the world, but so do most of fact I would guess this is the fate of 99% of us who live our lives here.  Being seen and known isn't really that important.  Besides, it only lasts for a moment.  What does the media say?  15 minutes of fame?  That's about all we get for all our efforts.  We have to constantly revisit our purpose and reasons for living.  If we live for the applause of men we most likely will be disappointed, but if we simply live for the smile of God we will find rich and wonderful joy.  I am a watcher of people.  I watch how they interact, how they dress, how they present themselves, how they hope I will see them and realize I do that too!  I'm constantly reminded of the power of pride and my offended ego when others don't "see" me.  My pride is my great enemy.  How wonderful it would be to be free of it's power.  I recently read a book (for the third time) titled "Embracing Obscurity."  It's a wonderful book dealing with these issues.  I guess I need to read it again.  Today I'm dealing with people again, both good and frustrating encounters.  I find that most of us are just children in adult bodies.  In the last few days I have talked to several who are in the last third of their lives, but still acting like children in their emotions, still pouting when offended.  I'm not shocked or surprised because I know my own heart, but I there anyone who has really grown up, really become mature or are we all just children trying to find Father?

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