Thursday, April 12, 2018

The basics

A few thoughts on scripture and the world:

1. Don't try to change the world until you change yourself.

2. Good deeds are only defined by a good God.  Get to know him so you know what those deeds look like.

3. Never let angry words cross your lips.  They will always be words you regret.

4. Love others.  That means spending time with them, helping them, seeing them...really seeing them, listening to them, caring about their heart.  Love means giving your time and attention to the heart and life of another.

5. Clean something.  Take out the trash, do the dishes, pick up that piece of paper.  You are a steward.  Steward the world around you well.

6. Smile at other people.  There aren't enough smiles.  People are struggling and a smile will distract them from their worries.

7. There are rude and cruel people in this world.  Don't let their abuse affect you.  It speaks more about them than it does about you.  Only small people would be cruel to another.  Ignore it, pray for them.  They are hurting more than  you know.

8. Greet everyone you meet.  You never know the appointments God has in place for you.  You might just run into someone who really needs you today.

9. Find a way to serve someone every day.  A good deed, a card, a text a kind word. Serve others and let them know you care.  There is far too little of this happening in our world today.

10.  Once each month read these two passages:  John 13:34-35  and  Luke 6:27-38.  These two passages will give you a wonderful plumb line for your encounters each day.

Those are the basics.  Simple, aren't they?

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Unknown said...

So much truth there. So difficult to do these things apart from listening to the Holy Spirit. But we do our best. I have always envied your ability to do these things, realizing that you were a better man than I. ....L J