Monday, April 09, 2018

Me and Hitler

Strange title, isn't it?

I agree, but I wanted to use the one name we use in villainy more than any other (and it's not mine!).  But it could be.  The name "Hitler" has become a synonym for evil.  As I thought about my own thought life and the natural way I could and would go if it weren't for God's grace I realize I could be just as bad.

You want details, don't you? But it's the same with you.  We are each messed up, desperately wicked and able to live out the worse fears of anyone we know.

And yet, God changed all of that through a terrible cross...the very thing we would do to each other if we could get away with it in our most terrible moments.

When we claim we have lived good lives and deserve to go to heaven we ignore the reality of what we would have done if no one was watching....what we really wanted to do but were too afraid of punishment.  And with that all our claims of a good life turn to vapor and disappear.

As I reflect on my heart and the way I would live without God I am more thankful for his grace than I can even describe.  If God can change a heart like mine he can change any heart.

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Cara Pemupukan Cabe said...

god bless you and your post, thanks for sharing