Wednesday, November 01, 2017

You're missing it!

May I tell you something important?

I might offend you, but you need to know it.

You are missing it!

You're missing the moments, 
the breath in, 
the breath out.

You're missing the second that just passed and you were worried about the hour ahead.

You're missing a smile from a child, distracted by your cell phone.

You're missing the breeze that just blew on  your cheek, distracted by the dog barking in the next yard.

You're missing the moments.

We all do.  

We all live beyond the moments 
but there is nothing more important than this very moment in time.  

It will never happen again, you will never see it again, your child's smile will never be the same again, the breeze will never touch you again as it just did.

There is so much we miss without even realizing it.

Recently I was in Israel and had the experience of a lifetime as I toured the holy land.  On the third day we were at the sea of Galilee about to take a boat ride in a boat similar to the one Jesus sailed these waters and I realized I didn't have my cell phone. It wasn't in my pocket, it wasn't in my bag. I didn't know where it was.  I lost it.

We had to board the boat for the trip and all I could think about was that phone, where was it? did I lose it? what happened to it?

And suddenly I caught myself with this thought, "You're missing this! You're missing all of this distracted by something you can't do anything about right now."  I caught myself and set aside the phone to enjoy the moment I would never have again.  It was great.

But then I thought, as we moved through the week, how often I have done this same thing over and over again.  I have missed years of important things by the distractions of other things.  

I've missed much of life with things that really don't matter at all.

The Bible talks of this and gives direction for the solution.  

It demands we realize what is happening, make a decision and change our moments.  If you don't, you will miss it.  Possibly the most important 'it' of your life!

At the end of life you will say just one thing, "I wish I had enjoyed the moments more. I missed so much."

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