Monday, August 21, 2017

Trust God and do good

Some of the best instructions in the Bible come from the pen of David.  As God worked in his life and spoke to his heart he wrote.  His words have inspired millions and comforted millions more.  As I read a portion of his words this morning I came to Psalm 37.  It is a vivid and clear manual for living in the middle of difficult times.

What I wanted to focus on is just one small part of the chapter and here it is,

"Trust in the Lord and do good...."

In that short phrase is a rich treasure for any situation.  It has two parts, the first is trust in God, and the second is a response.  It's nearly impossible to do good well without first trusting in the Lord. In other words your "good" will be driven by the wrong things if you don't begin with God.  Trusting God first means you aren't looking for an outcome, hoping to change anyone, trying to fix a problem...all that you are turning over to God.  The next step is easy- do good.  It's the right response for someone trusting God.  It leaves all the results in his hands and allows you to do good for those around you expecting nothing in return.  It liberates you to do good for no reason at all because you have already trusted God to take care of all the outcomes.

Trust God and do good.  Pretty simple, isn't it?

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