Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday morning

It's Sunday morning.  My first Sunday in 27 years when my choice on where to go to church is uncertain.  For these last 27 years we have been part of a wonderful fellowship and family and have loved every moment, but today.....

Today I move on to the next part of God's plan for me, for us.  Today we are going to another church with friends as "secret shoppers" to see what the experience of going to this church is like. That very idea seems strange because church isn't supposed to be a shopping experience.

Anyway, off we go.  I have no idea what's next, but will share it all with you as we take this next step.

I'm confident of this one thing though,  the amazing God who got me into all of this will complete it all till the day Christ returns.  There's more to do so off we go.....

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