Sunday, March 26, 2017


It's a simple word really.  


It speaks of the unnoticed, the normal, average, life as it's lived every day.

But what if it spoke of how we should really live out the Christian life?

A friend and fellow pastor, Brent McKinney, wrote this as a suggested mission statement, "Ordinary people in ordinary places doing ordinary things to the glory of God."  I love that vision!  It imagines living out faith in even the little events of life, the things that we think unimportant...the ordinary.

We all have to do the ordinary things, get groceries, sweep the floor, wash dishes, eat a meal and a hundred other things that are the mundane ordinary things of living, but what if that is where God touches our lives and the lives around us? What if those are really the important things?

Really, if we are honest, few of us will be great, famous or successful, but all of us will do ordinary things...simple things...what if we did those things to the glory of God?  I wonder...could it be that these will be the things that God can best use for his glory?

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