Monday, March 13, 2017

Will you trust me?

Will you trust me? 

It depends on who's asking.

But, what if God asked you that question?
What if you heard him clearly say, "Will you trust me?"
How would you respond?

It's a critical question for anyone who 
claims to be a Christ follower.

In that question are a whirlwind of other questions I have to answer first.  Do I know him well enough to trust him?  Have I trusted him before and found him faithful?  What about the time I trusted him, but it seemed he failed?  How will I know what I should trust him with?  What does 'trust him' even look like as I live my life?

"Will you trust me?"

It's a question that forces me to deal with HIM....who he is, what he says and decide....CAN I trust him?  And if I did what would that look like today?  

Those four simple words force me to deal with God in a way I may have never done before, but if I will it could change everything!

Now the bigger question is this-  Will I trust him?

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