Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Even in old age

You got me when I was an unformed youth,
God, and taught me everything I know.
Now I’m telling the world your wonders;
    I’ll keep at it until I’m old and gray.
God, don’t walk off and leave me
    until I get out the news
Of your strong right arm to this world,
    news of your power to the world yet to come,
Your famous and righteous
    ways, O God.
God, you’ve done it all!
    Who is quite like you?
Psalm 71

Even when I'm old and gray.  I read these words as a youth and never imagined they would apply to me, but those days came much quicker than I ever thought they would.  Now I'm old and gray.  Now, more than ever I want to proclaim the great goodness of God!

Having known him for more than 50 years I'm only beginning to understand how wonderfully good he is, how kind he is and how patient he has been.

If there has ever been anyone God should have struck dead for their sins it would have been me!  No, they weren't "bad" as you would imagine sin, but they were in the face of God...fully knowing what he wanted from me and choosing sin anyway.  And now I come to old age realizing that this amazing good God has been far kinder, far more gracious to me than I can ever deserve.

Now, as the old man with white hair...at least the little that's left...I must declare that God is good!  He has demonstrated his lovingkindness to us in measures far beyond anything we will ever understand, beyond all we could ever deserve.

God is good!  If you don't know him you are missing out on the most important things any human will ever experience- his unconditional love, his extreme mercy, overwhelming grace and wonderful provision.

If you think that life indepent of God's is the good life you are the greatest of fools!  You are missing everything that really matters!

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