Monday, December 26, 2016

Searching for happy

Searching for happy

I don't think I've ever found it
but I've tried

I've looked

I thought it might be in things
but I didn't find it there

I thought it might be in a place
but if it is I haven't been there yet

I looked for it in relationships
but it eluded me once more

Perhaps the arts
Monet, Renoir, Picasso
but I found they were looking
for it too

Music was next

and for a moment it 
entertains, calms
and distracts
but it wasn't there

A job, a vocation I thought

but alas
that too is a quest 
for nothing

In despair I looked around

to see if anyone else 
had found it
sadly I see 
everyone else is looking
as well

Could it be

is the thing
of fairy tales?

Could it be

"Living happily ever after"
was just a dream
an idea
to put us all on a quest
for something
that doesn't exist?

Then I looked to God

to see what he
made us for
what he hoped
we would discover
and I found
his quest for us

He made us to

find the very thing
we most need
in HIM!

Could it be

that searching
for happy
is the world's
for the only
thing that 
satisfies our heart hunger?

Could it be that

there is no such thing
as happy
but only an 
of the real thing?

A cheap substitute?

Could it be that God is what we

were searching for all along?

Maybe Augustine had

it right when he said,

"My heart is restless 

until it finds its rest in Thee."

- St. Augustine

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