Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Love and Kindness have met

Love and Kindness have met
and the meeting of the two
has changed everything for us!

Love is the very heart of God
Kindness is the result.
Because of his love
something amazing happened.

They met in a manger, a cattle trough.
They met when God's outrageous love
was seen in his radical kindness.
They were seen in a baby
A baby who changed everything!

Now everyone knows these basic truths-
There is a God,
and he loves us,
and out of that love he acted.
The thing he did, sending his son,
revealed his heart and his willingness
to help us, to save us, to show us

The reason we still celebrate this holiday 
is in that day so many years ago
love and kindness met
and in that meeting
we are now invited
to become

Some will say, "if God can do something
why doesn't he? If he can help us, where is he?"

All of that is answered in the day when love
and kindness met, when Christ was born
and God became one of us.

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