Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Time for New Year resolutions, but let me suggest a different way of looking at them.  Let me suggest we resolve to live out what we know to be true about our faith and lives.  Ready?

Resolved- Since I have been made to be an image bearer of God, called to imitate him.

I resolve to daily surrender to him and his working in my life.

Resolved- Since he is my source of everything and the one I look to for my needs.

I resolve to daily ask him for my "daily bread."  It will remind me of my source and calm my fears.  And honestly, don't we just need the bread for today anyway?

Resolved- Since each day is an opportunity to serve God and others and in each day there are "good works" he has designed for me to do.

I resolve to look each day, each moment for the good deeds I can do in his name.

Resolved-  Since scripture tells me to give thanks in all things.

I resolve to look for ways to give thanks for the events of each day.  It will constantly remind me of my source.

Resolved- Since scripture tells me to pray about everything.

I resolved to look for ways to pray about the things I deal with each day, to say thank you or ask for guidance, to pray for another or ask for a better result.  

Resolved- Since God tells me not to worry about anything but to talk to him about it.

I resolve to do that!  I resolve to talk to God rather than worry.  

-Resolved- Since God is King of everything.

I resolve to trust him alone and not the governments of men who are constantly changing.  Only in God can I find the ruler I need.

-Resolved- Since my greatest need is peace in difficult days.

I resolve to seek it from the only one who can give it, God.

There is so much more we could do with this theme.  The idea is simple- begin with a truth concept from scripture and make a decision about it.  We do that anyway as we read the bible. Why not do it intentionally and prayerfully as we begin the new year?  

What response to God would you add to the list?

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