Monday, December 05, 2016

Life in a box

A friend of mine told me last week,  "When all is said and done everything important about us will fit in a small box."  

It's an amazing insight.  One we had about 20  years ago when we moved into a house we had purchased.  In the attic was a small box.  In it were pins, awards and personal affects of the lady who had lived there.  Her husband, after her death, had put all that was important into that small box and left it behind.

It's rather sad that we leave such a small footprint on the planet, but it's true.  Our lives will fit in a small box.....and in the hearts and memories of those who knew us.  Our "Legacy" is one generation long, perhaps two at best and then our photos show up on a rustic restaurant wall....old faces from another era....long forgotten, a few memories left in a box for others to discover.

In light of this sad reality I am glad God knows us, remembers us and celebrates our lives as we live with and for Him.  Every name is remembered, every deed done for him written down, every life important.  Here, it may all fit in a small box, but there....where God rules, every life, every name, every action and deed remembered and celebrated by a God who loves us.

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