Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Looking for peace

We live in a world looking for peace
It seems to elude us
We look for it in a leader
we search for it in a mate
Maybe if I change jobs I'll find it

It's like the "where's Waldo" puzzle
It's elusive
It's hard to find

And then this morning I read this,
"This One is our peace"
Micah 5:5

In the middle of a passage talking about
a coming King the  author writes
these amazing words

This One
This One is Jesus
This One is our peace

It's not in a place
a leader
a job
a mate

It's in Christ
This One is our peace

This morning
as I look for peace
in my day
I'm thankful to know
it's easy to find

It's in a relationship
the God who made me

This One is my peace

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