Saturday, September 03, 2016

Sitting with God in the early morning

This morning, once more, I'm up before 5.  I love these quiet hours, the moments when no one else is stirring, when God and I can sit and visit.  Often, honestly, we just sit together.  Words aren't really needed, it's his presence that is so vital for my life.  At times he pats me on the head and just smiles.  I know, even without a word, he loves me, he really likes me and enjoys sitting here with me.  I'm surprised that he enjoys my company, but I don't tell him that.  I'm just glad he spends time with me.  At times, when I think about it, it overwhelms me that the God of creation would just linger with me and enjoy these quiet hours in my presence as I sit in his presence.  It's not about great revelation, amazing insights or any grand words to share with the world.  The main thing is this, if you really are interested, the main thing that excites me is that the one who made me really likes me and enjoys my company.  I can't seem to get over that.  And so I come to these early hours, with sleepy eyes eager for these moments to just sit with him and see his smile.  Now, as the morning dawns, the world stirs and the chaos of our cultures begins, but what no one knows (except you and me) is that God and I sat together this morning and it was good.

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