Thursday, September 01, 2016

Goodbye James

Just a couple days ago a dear friend died unexpectedly. 
His name was James, actually it still is.
He was a Texas boy and proud of it.
He was one of those quiet but brilliant men
who, with a sly smile, and a simple quote
would disarm you and make you rethink
your position.
He was a collector of quotes.  
James' quote file is legendary!
Most of them he knew by heart.
James was a godly man in the best definition
of that phrase.  He lived it, but didn't really 
talk about it.  You simply got to watch his life.
It was a life of a man who loved God,
loved his wife, Joyce, his kids and grandkids.
When we met there was always a new photo
of one of the little ones.
He was so proud of them.
(One of them is in the photo above.)
Have you ever known a man who words
cannot describe?
That was James.
My friend.
A follower of Christ.
A lover of men.
The world is less because he is gone.

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