Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dusty thoughts

We were made from dust.  It's part of the story of creation.  The only thing that gave dust a difference was the breath of God.  It's his breath, his life that turns dust into something he loves. Apart from him I will always be just dust.  It's his life that gives me distinction, physical life, and then eternal life.  As I thought about this it is fascinating to realize that dust (alive only because of the creator) would deny the one that gave them life.  Why it's a dusty revolt against the creator.  But soon,  in just a few years, each of us will face our terminal date, the date when we return to dust.  We are only given life for a few years and in those years the creator invites us into a relationship with him.  Imagine that, dust given life being loved by the one who created us. It's an amazing realization that this sovereign one is in love with me, with you.  And what is surprising, as I think about it, is that we deny the one who gives us life and holds us together.  And all the years he gives us we stumble around focused on issues of dust instead of really asking....who made me?  There has to be a God!  In our day that's considered a simple question, but it is still the primal and essential question every  man of dust must ask.

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