Monday, February 22, 2016

Total committment

I'm part of a men's group early Monday mornings.  

We're studying a book focused on the text of Romans 12.

This morning the chapter was titled,

"Total Commitment"

Honestly, as a pastor, I know there is no such thing as total commitment.  At best, at the most there are moments of commitment when I surrender all I am to God, but it's fleeting, it's like a breath....a moment to  inhale and tell God I completely surrender to him and then I exhale and go on with my day without even asking what he wants me to do.

I know of a man who has a Tesla automobile, a totally electric car, who uses it to go to Houston for meetings.  Because of the distance he has to stop half-way  and recharge the car to finish  the trip.

Commitment to God is like that, we only stop to recharge when our batteries, our souls and spirits, are empty and we need God because we can go no further on our own.  

Then, when fully charged, when  we have "totally committed" everything to God once we go to make our choices, live our lives.

I wish that we as Christians were more honest about this. We write about something no one can ever really do and those reading our work get discouraged because they know they can't do it either.

Let's be realistic.....let's be honest....commitment for us, at our very best, is like a breath, a moment of commitment, "Lord, what do you want me to do?" "What way now, Lord?" and in those prayers, in those moments we surrender to him.  It's not total, but it can become more and more a part of who we are...and isn't that the goal?

I'm not interested in total commitment, I know I will never do that, but I do want to surrender to God just as I breathe.....a moment at a time...."yes Lord, what now? Here I am, use me."

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L J said...

Once again you nailed it. It is hard to realize just how inconsistent and forgetful we are. This "moment by moment" thing is so fleeting.