Thursday, February 25, 2016

Have it your way

Well, we have finally gotten our way, like children crying until a parent relents.  

We have asked God to get out of our lives, our choices, and our country for years.

And, he has finally given us our way.  Like silly children who don't realize what they are asking, we now have it our way.  

We, like the nation of Israel in Judges, are a nation where everyone does what is right in his own eyes, where right and wrong are personal and not universal, where God has become a personal deity who likes what I like and believes what I believe.

And so, God has turned us over to our own ways.  

In this time when right is wrong and wrong is right confusion reigns.  Morality is nearly extinct.  Personal choice has become a sacred right and life can be taken without a twinge of guilt....just don't use a gun to do it.

Have  you ever wondered what a culture would look like if insanity ruled?  Wonder no we are.

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