Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Morning prayer

Good morning Father. 

That's how I begin the day as I leave the house each morning and look up at the stars.

Thank you for the day.

And so begins our converstations for the day ahead.  I know I'm fortunate to know God.  So many around me don't even notice him, don't seem to care, but he's my Father.  Each day he provides for us.  Each moment he's thinking about me.  Every hour he's working in my life....even if I can't see what he's doing.

Use me today.  Let my life glorify you as I encounter others.

I honestly don't know when that's happening.  I pray it's true, but I can't see what God is doing in the life of the other person, what they are hearing, what needs they have....and so I pray for God to do what I cannot.

Help me to see what you are doing around me.

I don't see spiritual things well.  Frankly, I'm pretty blind to what is happening in the realms of God around me.  I live in a physical world, a world of flesh and blood, light and dark, love and anger.  I see so little.

Father, in some way, let me be part of your eternal work in the lives of those I encounter.

Everyone I meet....literally everyone is an eternal being making eternal choices even when they think it's all about life here.  The choice to lie has results beyond the moment.  The desires of lust affect more than we know.  I need to remember that eternal souls are all around me....and many of them are dead men walking, blind men stumbling.  I need to remember how broken we all are as we bump into each other.

Lord, today, make me aware of you and the work you want me to be part of.  Help me to see your hand as I walk through the moments, the lives, the encounters of 24 hours that have eternal impact.

Here I am, Lord, use me.

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