Thursday, October 15, 2015

A difficult life lived well

Most of us have rather easy lives.  Yes, we all complain about this or that, but honestly...if we were really honest...we would have to admit we have had very easy lives.

Today is Joni Eareckson Tada's birthday. Because of an accident at a young age she has lived a handicapped life and lived it well....a difficult life lived well.

As I thought about her I remember my brother, Marty, as well.  He had a rare form of MD and lived with physical handicaps, pain and constant surgeries his entire life.  And yet he never verbalized the pain.  He loved life and lived as well as he was able.  But at 49 he left us and leaves behind a legacy of a difficult life lived well.

How many choose to live well, leaning into God even in the midst of trials, pain, handicap?  How many trust God when it appears he's nowhere to be seen?  How many around us live out a difficult life and do it for the glory of God?

The brother of Jesus wrote, "Consider it all joy when you encounter various trials..."  Honestly, I don't do that well.  For me (totally honest here) I whine, complain and argue with God when trials come.  "WHY ME?" I ask.  "But God, I thought you loved me...." 

And then I think of those, like my brother Marty who trusted God with no hope of relief, no sign God even noticed them...rejoicing in the love of a good God.

Lord, as I encounter the trials you have for me, as I face the difficult day may I do it with joy trusting in your kind and wonderful hand to walk with me through the dark places.  When I encounter the difficult days may I live them well for your glory trusting your wonderful loving care for each moment.  And thank you for Joni, for Marty and for so many more who have lived difficult lives well.


Robyn Rochelle E. said...

So true - thank you for remembering her here. She has been one of my heroes since I was 16. Thankful for her testimony and thankful for yours. Love you dear friend. I started a new blog today:
check it out and pass it on if you see fit...

June Rairick said...

I was searching for a name for my new blog site and searched "Finishing Well," thus stumbling onto your blog. Married to a pastor for 30 years, I see a kindred spirit. Thank you for your encouraging words. Thank you for making a difference even in your retirement years. May the Lord allow you many opportunities to reflect our Lord to others. Blessings to you!