Wednesday, October 14, 2015

One man

One man or woman can change everything!

The impact of one life, for good or bad, is profound.  

One life can act out of good intentions and kindness or out of anger and fear.  No matter what the reason one person can change everything....

....for a church, a community or a nation.

If you are like me you don't think your life makes much difference, but I'm always surprised to discover what one simple life can do in the world.

One man in the Bible did make a profound impact on his culture. His name was mentioned dozens of times in the bible and not once for any good he did, but always for the one thing he did out of fear that caused every generation after him to follow his bad choices.

His name was Jeroboam, son of Nebat.  

I won't go into his story here, but I encourage you to read it in 1 Kings 12:25 and following.  It's a sad story of a man who acted out of fear and caused generations after him to sin.

I wonder, as I watch the lives of those around me, do they realize they impact others with their choices?  

Do we know that others are watching, and modeling their lives after ours?

One man makes a big difference. One woman can change everything.

One life can impact an entire country.  

How will our lives impact those around us?  How will they live out what they see in us?

What story will be told because of the choices we made?

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