Friday, October 09, 2015

The end

The news is rich with prophecies of the last days.  In the last month we have passed two dates set by different groups. They said "THE END OF THE WORLD" would happen on the date they set.  One of those dates was this week, October 7th. 

Did you miss it?  Did you know that was the end of the world?  

Oh, wait, we are still here and it's the 9th.  

What happened?  

Why are so many predicting the end?  

Is anyone even listening anymore to the doom merchants?

It seems to me that we have become immune to the chicken littles of the world, the cries that all is ending on a certain date.  Now we simply yawn, smile and go about our day.  

But Jesus told us to be ready, to be dressed, to look up with anticipation, not with dread and gloom, but with excitement.  Yes, the day of the Lord will be a dreadful day, but God's kids don't live in fear of that day.  We live with excitement, waiting for another day, the day when the groom comes for his bride.  The day when we meet the one we love and worship for the first time.  

"Perhaps today" we say to one another with a hope for the days ahead.  For us the end is not a dreaded day of doom, but simply a new beginning...the beginning of eternity.  

Look up with excitement, with anticipation.  Perhaps today he will come for his bride.

The end?  Not really, it's actually just the beginning.  How exciting!

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