Friday, October 02, 2015

Make room...

  I just finished skimming a new book I wanted to read.  

There wasn't much in it.  One of those books you quickly realize has little to offer, but I did get one sentence out of it....and for that I consider it a success.

Here it is,  "Make some room for God."  

That's it.  But what a sentence!  I stopped and reread it a couple times and began to think about what that looks like in my life. 

I was quickly convicted that I don't do that as much as I should.  I don't make room for God in situations where he is most needed.  

The pressures of the moment make me respond alone, deal with it alone instead of making room for God to be part of the moment, part of the discussion, or part of the solution.

I fear I do this too often without realizing it.  The Jews did it and here was Jesus' reply, "And yet some of you are trying to kill me because there’s no room in your hearts for my message."  (John 8:37)  

It concerns me that my responses will not be healthy or honoring to God when I make no room for him to be part of the discussion or even part of my life.  

So here are a few questions I’m going to work on,

How do I make room for God?
What would that look like?
What can I do to give him a “place at the table” in my life and decisions?

I’m not offering answers for all of this, just sharing my new quest….finding ways, in every aspect of my life, to make room for God.

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