Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday morning

It's Saturday morning. 

I had to take my car in for tire repair and had a few moments to enjoy the morning sky.  I took this photo as the sun began to rise.  

It fascinates me that the brightness and tone of the morning sun affects the entire morning sky.  I know the sky has a blue tint to it, but with the brightness of the morning sun the entire sunrise is affected.

Often my life is like that as well.  When something overwhelms my attention...a problem, a pain, a changes the hue of everything I see.  Everything is affected by this one overwhelming problem, pain or situation.  I know, if I thought about it, that the sky really is blue, but all I can see are shades of yellow.  

The brightness of my problem affects how  I see everything.

It's important to know that what dominates my focus and colors my day does not mean things are really that way.  

Even in the morning sky I see God teaching, working, glorifying his name and giving me insight into my life and walk with him.

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