Thursday, August 20, 2015


This morning a group of men from our church went to our local community outreach program to help underprivileged kids with clothes and school supplies.

The ministry we worked with had a "store" with all new clothes for the shoes, new pants, new shirts/blouses and new backpacks.  Our job was to help the families shop for two outfits, shoes and a backpack.

I watched.  I watched children excited to get new shoes, to try on new pants, to pick cute tops.  I watched little girls smiling as they chose the tops they wanted.

I felt ashamed.  Ashamed that I have so much and they have so little. Ashamed that a new shirt is nothing to me, but as I watched these children it was as if they just got the best gift ever!

I was humbled.  Humbled to realize how blessed I really am and how little I appreciate it.  I'm humbled at the great provision of a big God and my sad lack of gratitude.  

I'll never forget the excitement of one of the little 4 grade girls I helped.  She was excited!  She couldn't believe shoes, new pants, tops, a backpack.  It was glorious for her. What a day she had.  

And I watched her humbled. 

Lord, thank you for all you have done.  Forgive my thankless heart. Don't let me forget the joy of that little girl grateful for so little while I grumble about so much.  

Thank you for the eyes to see what's really important through this little girl's example.

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