Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Life is.....

Life is....

How you fill in the rest of that statement speaks volumes about you, your heart and your view of God and others.

If you reply, "Life is about me being happy" then I know you will be most unhappy.

If you reply, "Life is about finding meaning, purpose and significance" then I know you will be disappointed with the outcome.

If you reply, "Life is a story told about me..."  then I know you don't see me or anyone else.  It's clear you're looking for a stage, an audience to watch you but your audience will be small and the applause disappointing.

When I ask you to fill in the rest of this sentence, "Life is...." you are telling me about what you value, what you believe life is about, your view of meaning and purpose.  

When your answer is self focused I know you will be frustrated, depressed and disappointed.  When the world is your stage and everyone your audience you will discover few will pay the price of admission.

But if you see more, see life beyond you, beyond others...if you see God's grand purpose, you will find that even sorrows, failures and disappointments are opportunities to watch God work.  

So how do we finish this sentence to see a bigger world, a bigger plan, a big God?

It begins in this way, "Life is the story of a great God madly in love with me, with you, with us!"  And with that clarity we begin to see a plan, a purpose, a hope in everything that happens in our lives.  

"Life is a love story and we are the focus of that love."

How's that for meaning, purpose, fulfillment? 

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