Thursday, August 13, 2015

There is a captain at the helm

A few years ago we took a cruise for our anniversary.  It was a great experience.  A cruise ship is like a little city on the water.  They have pools, restaurants, movies and any other entertainment you can imagine.  It was great to travel on this floating city without a care and with all the food we could eat!

But one thing we never worried about was this-  is there a captain at the helm? Is anyone steering this boat? Does he know where we are going?  

We never thought about that once!  In fact, we never met the captain.  We were told he was on board, that he was steering our course and all would be well, but we never met him and never wondered if he was there. We never had a sleepless night worrying about the existence or ability of the captain.  It was never a question in our minds.

Imagine a boat load of people enjoying the ride with no thought of the captain.  In fact, I don't think anyone thought "because I haven't seen the captain he must not exist."  We would have laughed at such a comment. 

Of course he exists!  Can't you see we are moving, the boat is on course, we are on our way.  How could this all happen without a captain?

But how do I know where we are going?  How can I trust a captain I've never seen?  And yet we do, without a thought.  It seems silly to ask these questions. Of course there's a captain and so we relax, laugh, enjoy the ride and even sleep without a thought of the captain....but he's there...even if you have never met him.

On this grand ride of life on our tiny blue marble some will tell you there is no captain, no one in charge, no one at the helm.  What a silly thing to say.  Of course there's a captain at the helm, even if you've never seen relax, trust him to steer us to the final port, enjoy the food he provides, laugh, sleep, love well. There is a captain at the helm.  He has provided all we need to richly enjoy.

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