Friday, January 16, 2015

Secrets, principles and keys

I have had enough!

Today, as I listened to another sermon giving me a list to fix my life, I decided I have had enough!

10 steps to success

7 secrets to prosperity

5 keys to a happy marriage

List them any way you wish, call them anything you far as I'm concerned they are all a silly waste of time!

I won't remember the list,  I can't keep the secrets and I always lose the keys.

Life isn't as simple as a list of solutions.  To be honest, as I've watched it for these six decades, it's just messy.  There is no list that will fix it.  It's not that simple.

I know the list makers are just trying to help, but it isn't helping!  We all want an easy fix, but there is no easy fix, no list or secret that will make it easy.  It's life, it's an individual walk that often wanders around a bit, stumbling and fumbling to find the way.

Don't give me another list!  I can't remember them or do them.  Just reassure me that my walk with God will be messy and different than any one else and I'll be fine.  Tell me there are no secrets.  It's just it.

I'm so glad God didn't give us a list for success, secrets to happiness, etc.  There are principles in the bible, but this list making in our day to fix everything just doesn't help.  Living well isn't ever done with a list in hand.  Life is just messy.  I fail often, but God doesn't abandon me.  I'll try the same thing at least three times before I realize it doesn't work, but it's worth the education.

Secrets, principles and thanks.  Just remind me that life is messy, but God will hold my hand as we stumble through it together.  

And in the end we will laugh at all the lists we created to fix what only a relationship with God could fix.

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