Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Have you noticed how many around you are angry these days?  

Maybe you are angry as well.  

It happens easily.  

It's emotional.  It's a real response to fear. It takes over all other emotions and overwhelms us.  Anger comes when we feel threatened, cheated, hurt, taken advantage of.....and a hundred other reasons.  It's our natural defense to attacks of any kind.

Anger affects every part of takes over your emotions, your thoughts, your passions and your face!  Most of the time it displaces rational thought and drives us to get even, to make things right, to hurt the other person like they have hurt us.

Epidemic is a mild word for what anger has done in our day in every nation.  It is spreading like wildfire!  Along with it, it's partner- fear.  These two emotions make even the best of us crazy.

Anger is defensive.  It's an emotion that makes us do or say things we would never do or say in a saner moment.  Anger says if I don't make it right, make it fair, no one else will.  

But imagine, in the midst of the pain and hurt that brings anger, you hand the offense to God.  Imagine you go to God with those past pains that cause your anger and hand the whole mess to him and say, "Lord, here's all the reasons I'm angry.  I can't fix any of it.  Would you take care of this stuff, this mess?  It's ruining my life and I would rather have your peace."

Then just walk away.  Leave it all with your father.  He will work things out better than you could ever imagine and you will have peace.  Don't let one offense that caused your anger create a second one...your bitterness.  Leave room for God.  

Besides, life is much too short to be angry.

Here's how scripture guides us,  

Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord.  Romans 12:19

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Unknown said...

I have spent too much time angry. And you are very correct. When I analyze why, the root is always a hurt or something else. I rarely experience anger for anger's sake. Instead its my go-to defense mechanism. Thanks Mike!