Saturday, January 24, 2015

100 year plan

Business often does this.  They will take a broad brush and plan out for 100 years.  Of course no one will know what might happen in 10 years, but to think and plan out beyond our lives seems like a brilliant idea.

So, let me move the idea from a business model to a personal one.  If you were to design a 100 year plan for your life, planning 100 years out from now, what would that look like?  

Of course you would say, "You're crazy!  I won't even be here in 100 years."

And you would be right...but I'll be somewhere.  In 100 years where will I be?  And, if I don't know, why don't I know?  If I believe I'm just an animal and will be dead and gone when I die, then I don't need a plan, but what if....what if we live forever.  If that's true then a plan 100 years out sounds like a pretty good idea.

So,  where do we start?

How do we plan beyond our years here? I'm not talking about a financial legacy, but an eternal one.

How do we "invest" for the real retirement...the retirement from this life?

Let's talk about it.  I'm going to leave this as a working piece and will update it as I work on my plan, but I would love to read your thoughts on a 100 year plan for your life. 

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