Saturday, January 24, 2015

I wonder...

I have been absent for a bit.  I guess being busy with life and work has me distracted, but I wanted to share a few thoughts this morning before the day gets too busy.

These are just a few rambling queries, so don't take them too serious, but they are thoughts that leave me silent more often than not.  Here we go...

I wonder why God put us messed up broken people in charge of telling the world about him.  Didn't he know how bad we would be at this?

I wonder why all the atheists I read are so mad at God.  If they don't believe in him then why don't they talk about something else?

I wonder why God chose me to be a pastor.  I am completely inept and unqualified to do this!  What was he thinking?

I wonder why we work so hard to earn money to have stuff so we can take vacations.  Why do we live this way?

I wonder why we like to have noise 24 hours a day.  Is it because we fear the silence?

I wonder. How can I live in such a way that I can show the love of God to others who don't know him.  It often seems fake and "plastic".  I wish I could break down the walls between me and other people and really let them see God's love.

I wonder why we are all so afraid.  All around me are people with an underlying panic, a fear driven manic that keeps them moving so they don't have to really think about their life.

I wonder what impact our lives will have on the culture around us.  It seems we live 70 to 80 years and then are quickly forgotten.  Do we make a difference in our time?  How does that happen?

I wonder why we live in this great cosmic battlefield for the souls of men.  It seems so dark at times, but then God shows up.  I'm looking forward to the day when the battle is over.

I wonder why we so easily value things above people.  It seems to me we have it backwards.

I wonder, and honestly so, how God makes all this work out for my good.  There are days I think he's on a vacation.

Ok, enough for now...just a few thoughts from a jumbled mind.

More another time, but I wonder...what do you wonder about?

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