Monday, October 16, 2006

I wish....

I wish I was good with my hands....I'm not. I tried to fix a drip from the toilet in one of our bathrooms today, and now it's a waterfall. It looked easy. I even made two trips to Lowe's to get all the parts I needed (I can never get everything in one always takes two or three trips.) I replaced the parts that were leaking, and put it all back it leaks more than it did!
Now I need a plumber...he's coming on Wednesday. I wish I was good with my hands, but I'm not. My brother is a plumber, and loves it. He is doing something different every day. He gets to play in the mud (and other things), and he's his own boss. I wish he lived closer...
Ever notice that there are things you aren't good at? Somewhere in the back of my brain I wish I was good at the handy stuff, but I'm not. I try, really I do, but I just don't have that something...I wish I did.
One of my friends is a great wood carver. I love his work. He's really good. I wish I could do that. I can't.
I think I am one of those "just average" guys, and that's fine with me, but I still wish I could do some of the stuff with my hands that other guys do so well. I'll keep trying, I wish it wasn't so hard.
Here's a cute cartoon you will really enjoy- The Perfect Plumber


MJ said...

I wish I was better at the whole cleaning organizing thing. I can manage barely if that is all I had to do, but I have piano lessons to take kids to and I go to college...My mother is one of those alphabetize everything people. So you know i have a complex. But the grass is always greener. Just as much as you wish you had the qualities of someone else, I am sure that someone wishes they could be more like you. If we could all do everything for ourselves, what kind of wolrd would it be?

Heidi Day said...

You opened your hands to the Lord and received a message that you then openly shared with us the last two weeks. Making the scriptures so applicable and so understandable...that is one thing I can see you are very 'good at'. I am sure there are more. You sound like a wonderful grandparent. I was thinking yesterday about that day's blog of fortunate and blessed your grandchildren are to have you. You are definitely reaching your hands into the next generation and it will be remembered and passed on by them. You have reached out to the church body these last few weeks I'm sure...helping and healing and hugging. Those are just a few...and they are much more long-lasting than fixing the plumbing! :-) (we've hired plumbers for toilets too....they are very tricky buggers).

God's influence shows in your life and I appreciate your teaching.

Heidi Day

Heidi Day said...

PS The video was hilarious!!!