Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Unforgivable sin or Best choice?

Everything is confusing now.  With pluralism running rampant it seems that confusion abounds about God and what to do about him.

Some simply deny he exists. Case closed. Eat, drink and party for tomorrow we die!  THE END!

Others make up their own God.  They may call themselves "Christian" or "Muslim" but their God is not anything like the one taught in the books of either faith.  

Personal idol carving is the craze of our day.

But there are conflicts in the different faiths.  Big ones!

In Islam it is an unforgivable sin to make anyone equal with Allah. In that faith system a guy like me is damned to hell fire for all eternity!

But in the Christian faith making Jesus equal with the Father, believing in the trinity and what Christ did on the cross is the only means of forgiveness, the only way to heaven!

In one I'm damned, in the other I'm saved!

Confusing, isn't it?  

Since every faith is exclusive and not inclusive (as some claim) we have to take this stuff seriously.  If there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun then we have to find out the truth, the real path to God.  

Some will tell you every path up the mountain ultimately leads to God, but what kind of God would that be if these irreconcilable differences brought us all to the same place?  He would be the ultimate schizophrenic!  And for sure not a God I would want to worship.

In one faith the choice to believe that Jesus is God brings damnation, in the other it brings salvation.  Sure not the same, are they?  It demands I find out....if eternity exists, if there is a heaven and hell, if God has made a way....I need to find out what it is.

Life is short, eternity is long.  This stuff is too important to not know for sure.

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