Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Who do you trust?

"Don't put your confidence in powerful people; 

there is no help for you there."  Psalm 146:3

Who do you  trust?  We have come to a day when an entire nation is looking for a savior, a white knight, someone who can rescue us from the impending storm.

"We need a man who can make us great again!"  That's the cry of a people looking at all the wrong things, a country trying to grasp the illusion of prosperity and safety, trying to recapture "what we had."

And, like Israel in past centuries, we are looking for a man to do what only God can do.  We have placed our hope in a man, a woman, to be "our savior." 

We are looking for a man to do what only God can do.

But you might ask,  "how can God save us?  what can he do?  isn't it too late?"  These were the questions spoken thousands of years ago to Jeremiah the prophet when the people of Israel said, "what use is it?"  They chose to follow their own way, their own desires, and chose men to lead them.

Captivity and exile was the outcome.  

The voices of politicians today sound very similar to the voices of a man in Germany in the 1930's promising a return to the greatness Germany had in the past.  He was a man who changed the world and killed millions.

When we trust men to do what only God can do, what only God should do, we find destruction and not salvation.

Like David, I want to shout,  "Trust in the Lord!  In him alone is salvation."

So, today, after all the promises and words, who do you trust? 

Who will you trust in the days ahead for your life?  

Who do you trust?

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thinkgrn said...

Awesome message Mike, in this political climate where politicians are claiming they can make us great and people are following because they believe it. And in the end they will become disillusioned with politics...until the next one comes along with big promises. We just need someone to run the country well, and leave the work of greatness up to God.